A Tale of Six Legs


The phrase originaly came to me when I was in the dog park exchanging some banter with this bloke about how good our two dogs are. He was telling me how before his dog went to bed each night it would check on his 3 kids in their beds, go and get a final pat from the boss and then crash on his mat for the night, job done, thankyou very much. This went on for years, nobody had noticed when it started happening, but this guy and his wife used to share a laugh about it and even started commending the dog for his nightly solemn duty. Of course this went off without a hitch, the kids were young and so they were always there, always in there rooms for when the dog did its rounds.

As children grow up they get invited to events such as sleepovers, as was the case, said child got invited to a slumber party and none of the silly adults even considered what the dog would think about this situation. Well apparently bedlham ensued… the dog had obviously not taken kindly to finding a vacant bed at the end of the night, as suddenly, a cacophony of sound erupted in the house. The dog came storming into the lounge room bouncing off the walls, barking and carrying on like a thing posessed, heckles fully raised. It took a good ten minutes to settle him down and it wasn’t until the dog had shown the boss the empty bed AND that the boss was actually alright with the situation that the dog fully relaxed gave a hmmph and plodded himself off to bed.

I laughed and said “I bet you could go around to every dog owner and they’d be able to give you at least one story about their dog that you could put in a book.”
“Ah you’d have to have a name for it”
“What about “A Tale of Six Legs”

This little phrase stuck with me there after. My four legged friend was always having adventures and generally she took me along with her and it was our six legs that then took us on those adventures.

Since then I have taken the phrase and turned it into a philosophy of planning for a project. The project is to be broken into six different sections, or six different legs. The project is bookended by the Planning Leg and the Goal Leg. All the legs are designed to help build slowly to the ultimate goal.

1) Planning/Methodology
2) Finding help and knowledge
3) The barefoot walk
4) Meet people
5) The book
6) Doggy Wonderland

So the plan as it stands at the moment; walk around Australia , barefoot, with my dog, with no money and minimal resources.

I have started planning and even training, of which I shall tell you more later.


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