The Plan as it Stands on Barefeet


So whats the plan, the plan is to walk around Australia barefoot with my four legged friend, using my new found planning philosophy of A Tale of Six Legs.

1) Planning/Methodology
2) Finding help and knowledge
3) The barefoot walk
4) Meet people 
5) The book
6) Doggy Wonderland

Steps 4 through 6 will come of themselves, first I have to get to the point of making the first barefooted step on my journey.

Steps 1 and 2 I can get underway now, I’m going to break each section down into its own little Tale of Six Legs.


1) Training
2) Diet
3) Route of walk
4) Brainstorming
5) Lifestyle change
6) Method


I have begun training, which at this point is pretty easy I must admit; I’m taking the dog for walks. Easy I do this all the time anyway, the difference is I’m focusing on doing it barefoot and pushing the distances a little. If it were upto the dog we would be leaving tomorrow, she is more than ready to go.

I am also focused on getting my shoes off as soon as possible, quitting time now means shoes off time.

Diet was a strong impetu for undertaking this project. I had been following pretty closely the big three diet: Pizza, KFC, McDonalds. For the first time in my life I cracked 80kgs, I’m usually only 70kg and for the first time ever I couldn’t fit into my trusty size 32 Levis which I had been buying for 15 years.

Personal health wasn’t the only reason change was needed, I was appalled at the amount of waste that went into maintaining my existance. This was the waste involved in producing food on an industrial scale and the waste involved in moving all this food around.

So what have I done? Basically I’ve gone vegetarian and along the way i have realised that you really don’t need all that much, I have only eaten meat twice in the last month and that was in social situations. I have embraced the idea that it’s OK to feel hungry, something that people doing the 5 and 2 diet keep on saying. I have been taking the 5 and 2 diet a step further and only been eating when I have felt the need.

Most importantly I have started really listening to what my body is telling me when I have cravings. The other day I had what seemed like an insatiable need for salt, I took note of this; I obviously needed some salt as I hadn’t been eating much. The cure was some tomatoe dipped in salt n pepper, hey presto salt craving was cured, I’d had a healthy meal and the best part I had foraged the tomatoes.

My food bill used to be between $100-$250 per week depending on how much I ate out and how much drinking was involved. I didn’t even give a thought about where or how the food was produced. With the changes I have made, my food bill is now down to $35 per week. All my purchases are now Australian Made and produced.

Sydney University has a food coop that I have investigated. The produce is all organic and locally produced and whats more, I think I will be able to get my weekly food bill down to $20, this is about what the dog is costing each week to feed.

Route of Walk
Tentaive steps using google maps have been undertaken.

This is just thinking about things, food, shelter, distances I can travel, how will I transport things.

Lifestyle Change
Reduce the need for need.
Big things that I have done is leave my job, my previous area of employment was largely devoted to heavy industry and mining in particular. I felt like I was raping and pillaging the earth….for what? So that I could live in a house that had way more space than I needed, eat more food than I needed and drive a car.

After leaving the job I left the house behind, my station wagon is now my principle form of transportation and residence. You would not believe some of the views I have been enjoying when I wake up in the mornings, think beaches, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and amazing bush vistas.

The method to all this madness goes as follows: Walk Barefoot around Australia, targeting dog parks as destinations to stop at. To sustain the voyage I plan to offer a dog washing service, in exchange for washing the dog all I will ask in payment is for a story about the dog and hopefully some food along the way as well, the story will help feed the project and the food will help feed me. I will not use or accept money and will not accept charity, I will provide a service in exchange for goods.


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