Changes are Afoot


It’s been three weeks since I started fiddling with my diet and a little more than a week since I started targeting my training. The changes have been amazing:

Diet Related
First up I have lost alot of weight, I’ve gone from an unhealthy and uncomfortable 82kgs, the heaviest I had ever been, to where I have now plateued back to around 69kgs, my standard weight.
I have gotten completely used to feeling hungry, not starvation level hungry, but more of an aware that some food wouldn’t go astray hungry. The food also seems to taste so much better when your hungry.
I am no longer experiencing spasms of anxiety whenever I see or smell sugar laden foods. Just driving past the golden arches for a while there was setting off a pulsating strobe light in my brain. Withdrawl symptoms from an addictive drug anyone?

The obvious results of exercise have occurred, I am feeling fitter, I can go further distances and the repository of fat around my waste is being turned into muscle fibre.
What has surprised me, even more so than my savage addiction to sugar, was the dramatic change in my posture. I have always been a chronic sloucher; back hunched, shoulders drooping towards the ground. This is the most comfortable position when sitting on the side of a yacht, and all, even most, maybe some sailors sit in this kind of hunched over manner. Since the barefoot exercise regime has been put in place I now have a nice straight back and square shoulders, I have in no way been concentrating on posture, its just been a side effect of the barefoot walking.

Other Observations
My skin elasticity has dramatically improved, observed when performing the pinch test on my hands.
The skin of my face is not as oily and skin pores have closed up, wrinkles are not as pronounced and the bags under my eyes have all but disappeared.
A niggling ankle injury, which created discomfort and a clicking sound when walking has all but disappeared and general cracking of joints has been heavily reduced

The change in diet, particularly the expulsion of sugar from my diet, has seemed to be the catalyst from which further progress has been possible.