“Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”
Michael Pollan

I have vastly modified my diet recently. My motto at the moment is “eat local”. For the time being that means Australian Made.

Other Rules: No Sugar, No Processed Foods, Organically Grown.
I am trying to listen to my body and answer its cravings as required. I am largely doing a reversal of the 5 and 2 diet, rather i am doing the 2 and 5 diet. For 2 days of the week I eat what I want, within the above guidelines. The other five days is wholey vegetarian and largely uncooked meals.

A typical week is:

Weekly Diet
Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks Drinks
Monday 1 x Banana 2 x Apples 3 x Tomatoes S&P 200g of Mixed Nuts 2L of Water
Tuesday 1 x Banana 2 x Nashis Fried Mudshroom, Sour Cream, Shallots 200g Mixed Nuts 1L Water, 1.5L Iced Tea
Wednesday 1 x Banana 1 x Peach, 1 x Nectarine 5 x Carrots, Hommus 200g Mixed nuts 2L Water
Thursday 1 x Apple, Grapes Steamed Vegies, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Carrots, White Sauce Bhuju Mix 600ml Milk, 1L Water
Friday 1 x Apple Fish & Chips Bhuju Mix 1L Water, 1.5L Iced Tea
Saturday 1 x Banana Pasta & Sauce, 200g Meat Foraged Berries 3L Water
Sunday 1 x Peach, Grapes Cous Cous & Antipasto 2L Water, 1.5L Iced Tea

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