Barefeet an Answer to Apathy


Going barefoot walking is my way of walking away from the consumer driven economy which preaches its message of need to the masses. Needs that you didn’t even know you had are being forced upon us, that we need newer and bigger (or smaller and lighter depending on the product) because it is always going to be better, make our lives immeasurably better, make us happier; consumerism: the new opiate of the masses.

In my short time on this planet, things have changed, the world that I personally know and observe has changed. The cosmic chemistry experiment that is our planet, is starting to spit out results that are detrimental to the continuation of life on this planet. I don’t want to preach and rant, each of us must come to our own conclusions.

The tipping point for me was hearing the addage that; “if we all just changed something little in our lives it would make a big overall difference”. What a load of bullshit, in my opinion we are way past the point that little things will do anything, drastic change is needed. The problem is, everybody is to caught up in their own little worlds of introverted concern. People are concerned about something if it directly effects them, otherwise pfffft, its just something happening on the news. It is this general apathy that I am walking away from.

Like all addictions, sufferers must weane themselves off their vice, going cold turkey is often not possible. I am still a consumer, however I am learning how to do things differently. We are told that we need so many things, when really we don’t. My barefoot walking and change in lifestyle is my way of doing something about it.

I don’t even need shoes.